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Lifestyle changes resulting in cardiovascular diseases worldwide has increased the number of vascular grafting procedures. Due to lack of autologous graftable options in these patients, tissue engineered blood vessels that are readily available are in demand. The major problem of grafted vessels is occlusion, which can occur in absence of a healthy endothelium, especially in small diameter blood vessels. Current technologies utilize cell-based approaches, which are accompanied with long culture times and bioreactors, making them less feasible for "off-the-shelf" availability. There is a need for customizable vascular grafts, which can be manufactured on demand to enhance patient safety and outcomes while decreasing health care cost. Angiograft makes artificial blood vessels for treatment of cardiovascular disease. They are composed of collagenous biomaterials, which are functionalized sequentially with anti-clotting and self-cellularizing proteins. These enable them to attract the patients' own cells once implanted, making them biologically functional. At the end of the healing process, the fortified biomaterial is remodeled leaving behind a functional vascular graft made of the patients' own tissue.

Our Purpose

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Angiograft., LLC aims to provide solutions for regenerative medicine using innovative cell-free approaches. By making artificial tissue replacements available off-the-shelf capable of developing biological function, our technology platform provides alternative treatment options for vascular and non-vascular applications. Angiograft.LLC, was founded by Daniel D. Swartz, PhD, Sindhu Row, PhD and Stelios T. Andreadis, PhD in 2015 in Buffalo, NY. Our mission is to provide life-saving vascular tissue replacement options for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Angiograft A-TEVs (acellular tissue engineered vessels) are usable as arterial and venous replacement grafts,size and site matchable to the patients' need, available off-the-shelf. With our acellular technology, A-TEVs are programmed to attract the patients' own cells, healing within the body to form a biological functional blood vessel.

Our Team

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Dr. Daniel D. Swartz has years of experience in vascular biology with a focus on translational applications. Dr. Stelios T. Andreadis brings extensive experience in stem cell technology and tissue engineering, with a focus on vascular applications. Dr. Sindhu Row brings the skills required for the manufacture, testing and optimization of the grafts. They have worked together for 7 years researching cell-based and acellular technologies for vascular tissue engineering.

Innovation for Regenerative Medicine.

Cell-free technology will reduce healthcare cost and improve patient outcomes.

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