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Our Team

Dr. Daniel D. Swartz has years of experience in vascular biology with a focus on translational applications. Dr. Stelios T. Andreadis brings extensive experience in stem cell technology and tissue engineering, with a focus on vascular applications. Dr. Sindhu Row brings the skills required for the manufacture, testing and optimization of the grafts. They have worked together for 7 years researching cell-based and acellular technologies for vascular tissue engineering.


swartzDr. Daniel D. Swartz
CEO, Angiograft, LLC

Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

PhD in Physiology and Biophysics (2003).

Dr. Swartz has extensive experience in vascular biology with a focus on translational animal models. He is a major contributor to the field of regenerative medicine through his various publications, collaborations as well as involvement with other biotechnology companies in testing of applications of new drugs.


andreadisDr. Stelios T. Andreadis
Professor and Chair
CSO, Angiograft, LLC

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer.

PhD in Biomedical Engineering (1996).

Dr Stelios Andreadis has been a dedicated researcher in the tissue engineering field for over 15 years. His group is recognized as one of the leading experts in vascular tissue engineering in the country. With numerous awards for scientific and innovative excellence, his experience is invaluable to the team.


profile picDr. Sindhu Row
COO, Angiograft, LLC

Founder and Chief Operations Officer.

PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering (2015).

Dr.Sindhu Row has 7 years of experience in development, testing and characterization of tissue engineered vascular grafts. Her research focus is on vascular tissue engineering and recent development of a fictionalized acellular tissue substitute suitable for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

_K8A1562Sanjay Jain

MD/MBA Program
Business Consultant